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I have gathered the photos submitted by members and a couple of others that were good, but not specifically labelled as contest submissions. We had a fish theme going for most of the contest. Good luck to all. Photobug - they are all yours.

WWE – Monthly Photo Contest


Selection criteria


The selection criteria are simple and geared for the non-photographer. As members’ skills and interests grow (hopefully) criteria will change to meet members’ needs and wishes!


Each photo entered in the monthly contest will be selected in accordance with the following elements:


1-      Fill the frame: Did the photo fill the frame, making the watch the central focus.

2-      Simplicity: Is the photo simple? In other words does the viewer have to sift through any distracting or superfluous elements to get to the watch? Less is more.

3-      Sharpness: Is the photo in focus? At least part of the photo should be in sharp focus. The entire photo does not have to be in perfect focus. If sharpness is an issue, the photo with the sharpest logo (name of watch) will go to the head of the class.

4-      Lighting: Does the photo have sufficient light? Is it free of excessive shadows or excessive glare?

5-      Other: Any other characteristics that make this photo stand out? Does the photo tell a story by itself or does it need to be explained?

Of the photos submitted I have chosen 4 to get the medals:
- equal for a gold medal are Bigal for his submission of the Submariner and a dolphin in the "fish" category;
- a gold medal to WpgWatchDoc for his submission of "fresh Snow";
- a silver medal to Spowell for his Breitling Back;
- a bronze medal to WpgWatchDoc for his submission of "All roads lead to genuine Soliven";

The Photobug is happy with all of your photos.

Wpgwatchdoc submissions:

Fresh Snow!
- Fills the frame;
- Simple, no clutter;
- Sharp, legible;
- Snow reflection is a distraction; might try tilting the watch in different directions to minimize reflection;
- The small water drops on the edge of the case are quite effective to illustrate moisture resistance;

All roads  lead to the Genuine Soliven

- I would crop the empty space; especially on the right side;
- Simplicity is good - no clutter;
- Clear and sharp; good use of depth of field; starts off with slight blur nearest the viewer and gets progressively sharper towards the watch;
- slight glare on the left, not too serious;
- Excellent use of the leading lines technique; strap leads the eye into the photo towards the watch;

BigAl Submission

Submariner on a dolphin ...

- would crop to make dolphin and watch take more space;
- simple in concept; while there other elements in the photo, they are not too distracting;
- watch should be sharper; after all the title is not:" a dolphin with a submariner";
- lighting quite good;
- demonstrates creativity - not sure if dolphin escaping or trying to get back in but time out of water is critical;

E320user Submission

Out of Time
- does not fill the frame;
- too many distracting elements; can't tell what the focus is: car? girl? hands holding? watch?
- lacks sharpness; can't tell much about the watch;
- lighting is fine;
- can't tell what the story is without referring to title;


-eyes automatically go to blowfish, not the watch; does not fill frame;
- quite simple, no distractions; because of size differential, watch takes second place;
- fish is sharp but watch face is blurry; watch logo difficult to read;
- major glare in lower section of watch face is a big distraction; is suggest trying diffusion material on light source;
- can't tell what is in the fish's mouth; photo is suppose to depict that watch can go underwater but it looks like a watch beside a stuffed toy fish on a blue bed spread;

RickG Submissions
Fish Fetish

- does not fill the frame; takes less than one quarter of the space;
- too many distracting items; eyes move from watch to fish to rock to easily;
- watch pic is very sharp considering this was shot through aquarium glass and water;
- lighting quite good;
- conceptually, photo is quite good ; having the watch merely suspended in the water might be interesting (use invisible fish line)

Grand Diver

- fills the frame;
- is simple; no distractions;
- name on side of case is sharp and quite legible;
- light is good; could have a bit more light at front;

Spowell Submission

Breitling's Back

- fills the frame;
- simple, no distractions;
- all lettering on metal back and leather strap clear and legible;
- reflection of strap and photographer with camera is distracting; I suggest trying the shot but tilt the watch case back slightly to minimize this reflection;
- glare top left could be minimized with diffusion material;
- not sure what message is except to authenticate that it is a Breitling;

  1. Brands include: Benrus, Birks, Breitling, Bulova, Casio, Citizen, Elgin, Mido, MKII, Movado, Omega, Oris, Roamer, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Victorinox and Zeppelin.

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Thanks Photobug for taking the time to judge the Feb/March contests.  Although I didn't get a medal (sob),  you did a fair and impartial job (silent sob) and I will add the winners to the WWE homepage and to the cumulative Photo page on the main WWE site.
  1. Brands include: Benrus, Birks, Breitling, Bulova, Casio, Citizen, Elgin, Mido, MKII, Movado, Omega, Oris, Roamer, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Victorinox and Zeppelin.

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Thanks PhotoBug!  I'll continue to practice with my photo taking skills hahaha

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Nice pictures this month, guys, and congrats to the winners! I'm going to take some beauty shots of my newest creations.
-Mike "A common mistake people make when designing something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Unknown

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Thanks photobug; your teachings are starting to settle in! Well, that and a new camera... Congrats to all those who entered-I think we have a talented bunch of watch nuts here!!
Always looking for great Vintage pieces! [comp].
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